Sunday, February 21, 2010

Spring, Even if only Temporary

As I write this at 3:30 in the afternoon I am looking at a thermometer that is reading 65 degrees outside. I'll take it!! It was the same yesterday.
I got to spend a good three hours or so outside, I had to be in by 2pm....Nascar race, Go Dale Jr.!! Sorry, I digress.
I might be pushing Spring, but I am SOOO ready! I went ahead and planted my Red and Yellow Onions, in containers of course.
I planted Asparagus for the first time in my life. I used something that most would think is an unusual thing for them to be planted in, My old bathtub. Yes, you read that right, My old bathtub.
I only planted 8 crowns, so room should not be a problem. I think it is deep enough. Only time will tell. I have read as much as I could on the subject and the consensus is pretty much split 50/50. Half says you can not grow Asparagus in any kind of container, the other half says, sure, no problem. I will let you know how my experiment turns out.
I am also playing with fire, in a raffia sun suit that has been soaked in gasoline. I have now pulled ALL my Citrus out of the greenhouse. I pruned off a bunch of dead wood and any broken twigs. Then.....wait for it......I fed them! Heavy on the Nitrogen and a few other things. I see a low of 31 one night in the next 10 days, but I am going to believe it will be a short shot of cold. The highs look good. Besides, I just am not in the mood to put them back, I don't think they are either. The trees seem to be enjoying the sunshine and fresh air.
I fed my figs that are in containers also. I put some slow release on them. This way there will be some food for them when they wake up.
We are scheduled for rain tomorrow, if it doesn't I think I will do the bug rodeo. I saw some mealy bugs and those I don't like. The trees are not happy about them either.
There is so much to do outside after such a hard Winter. I wish Spring would spring already so I can get this yard back up to par. Here's hoping everybody had a good weekend and if you had some nice weather, you went out and enjoyed it....I did! My sore muscles tell me I did!!
Happy Growing!

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