Monday, March 22, 2010

Where I'm seeded

Well, it is March and everybody wants to be the top seed, right? Okay fine, I know nothing about Basketball, but I do know something about seeds!
I sure used that knowledge this past Saturday.
I planted 6 kinds of Cucumbers, 3 kinds of Squash, 2 kinds of Okra, 5 kinds of Corn and some Cantaloupe.
I received seeds from around the world. I planted Black Fruit Cucumber, Chinese Mandarin Cucumber and of course Straight 8 Cucumber. I do have to keep it somewhat normal. Also in the Cucumber bed is Early Cucumber, Apple Cucumber and a Hermaphrodite Cucumber. The last one I will have to give you an update later, I know nothing about it.
The Okra is Clemson Spineless and a Red Variety.
The Corn is Yellow Dent, Early June, Yellow Sweet, Peaches and Cream and Chihuahua 7. It is from the Mexico providence of Chihuahua. Again, I will give you the updates on it as it matures.
The Squash is Acorn, Summer and Spaghetti.
I know it's probably a little early to be planting all this, but hey....I'm mad and it is March! (March Madness?)...I know, don't quit my day job!
Happy Growing!

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