Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Plant Swap Aftermath

I'm Back!! My apologies if you have been wondering where I have been. Work got very hairy for a couple of days, I had family in town and of course, The Plant Swap was held on April 10th.
I am very excited to announce that we did indeed pass all previous plant swap attendances. Final count was 75 people and at least 800 plants!! I really would like to THANK everybody that came. There was a lot of fun and plenty of food. I was going to take some pictures of the food table, I ended up so busy talking with people, I never did eat!

Here are some pictures from all the action.
My mother and I planning the course of action.

Me setting down some plants.

Checking out the goodies

More milling
Just before the go signal

If you have never been to a plant swap, I strongly encourage you to go to one. It is a great place to meet new gardening friends, and get some really interesting plants. The amount of information floating around is also a huge bonus. If you don't know where one is close to you, I have you covered.
Check out some of the following websites.
This site has a bunch of places right on their homepage where one is being held.
If you go to this site, you can check out each individual state and see if they are having one near you.

If there is none to be found, consider hosting one yourself. I wrote a past blog article pertaining to how to host one. The concept is very easy and it may sound like a lot of work, it is to some extent, but I promise it will be well worth the time. Just ask the 75 people that were at mine this past Saturday. I did not receive any complaints and received many Thank You's and pats on the back. Overall it was a very satisfying day!
Happy Growing!

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  1. I'm seriously intrigued by a plant swap. I can't think of a more fun event! I'm going to check on the link you provided for one near me. If I don't find anything, I may check back with you to see what is involved.