Monday, April 12, 2010

Where did I leave those pruners?

I was scrambling around lately, trying to get some yard work done. I know I worked on it all day, but nothing seemed to get done. Let me know if this has ever happened to you.
I wanted to start by planting some more vegetable seeds. I brought my seeds out and set them on the table. I went to the Greenhouse to get some potting soil and containers. As I was walking by the onion bed, I noticed it needed to be weeded. I bent down to start weeding the bed, when I noticed some purple Basil sprouting up. My wife has been wanting some to put in salads and such, So I figured I would carefully dig it up and put it in a container. I headed over to the shed to get my little hand shovel. As I was heading over to the shed, I noticed a Holly bush that needed to be pruned. Well, as long as I was right there, I should go ahead and prune it. Where were my pruners? Oh yea, they were in the greenhouse. I proceeded to head for the Greenhouse to get them. Walking around the corner, the Tomatoes and Peppers needed to be watered. Wow, they look pretty bad, I better water right away. So, off to the faucet to turn on the water. You know, as long as the water is going to be on, I should go ahead and get those seeds planted. That way I can soak them real well and get them germinated. As I walking to the Greenhouse to plant the seeds, there was some aphids on the Citrus trees. I guess I should go get the insecticide to spray them before they cause much damage. I need water to make an insecticide solution, better go turn the water on after all.
The faucet is right by the two Okra containers. One container seems to be germinating well. The other, not so much. I probably need to reseed that one. Off to the table to get the seed box. Past the Camellia's. Look at all those petals on the ground, they need to be cleaned up so as to not spread any disease. Let me go get a bucket to put the petals in. Oh yea, I forgot about that Holly, better prune it while I am thinking about it. Where did I put those pruners?
I looked at my watch and it is almost dinner time. I wanted to get the yard mowed. No time now, it will be dark soon. Where did the day go?
For all of you that are laughing and shaking your head in confirmation, you know where I am coming from.
I think I suffer from GAD, Garden Attention Disorder. If anybody knows of a cure, please let me know.
Happy Growing!


  1. Story of my life. And then sometimes I see all these things and say, "meh." Strangely, I get the same amount done :)

  2. Sounds like a typical day in my garden. Is GAD a problem? I thought that was normal!