Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Show Must Go On

On January 22nd, 2011 there is going to be a show in Charleston, South Carolina that all you Camellia lovers should not miss! The Coastal Carolina Camellia Society will be having their 61st Annual Camellia Show at Citadel Mall. The times will be from noon to 8pm for the public to view the prize winning entries.
You say YOU want to enter some blooms but don't belong to the society? No Problem!
Entries will be accepted from 7:00am until 9:30am at the Food Court at Citadel Mall.
ANY interested grower may exhibit.
Judging will begin approximately at 10:00am.

The Coastal Carolina Camellia show is the premier showcase when it comes to amount of awards that can be won. There are over 50 awards available including Novice and Local Awards.
Blooms will be grouped according to variety name and will be judged against other blooms of the same variety. Where a variety that produces different formations and variegation is shown, each formation will be judged against similar formations and variegations of the variety. A white spot, however small, shall indicate a variegated flower.
If only one bloom of a variety is entered, it will be judged against the standard of perfection of that variety and it may be awarded a blue, red, or yellow award at the discretion of the judges. The judges may withold any award, if in their opinion, a flower is not of sufficient excellence to warrant an award. Scale of points of the American Camellia Society will be used in judging. The decision of the judges shall be final in every instance.
The Coastal Carolina Camellia Society will furnish containers to all exhibitors.

There is a slew of trophies to be won. They will be awarded for each of the following:
Best in Open (Not protected)
Large-Vary Large
Large-Very Large

Best Protected (Grown under cover, greenhouse, etc.)
Large-Very Large
Large-Very Large

Best Seedling

Best Hybrid -Open

Best Reticulata -Open

Best Hybrid -Protected

Best Reticulata -Protected

Miss Charleston Variety
Best Open
Best Protected

Best Novice Bloom

Best White Variety
Best Open
Best Protected

Best Open
Best Protected

Best Formal Double

Local Blooms
Best Large
Best Medium
Best Small

Best Species


If these classes don't make much sense to you, don't panic! There will be friendly folks there to help you with categories. It will be of great assistance, because there is so much going on, that you have at least an idea of what class you may be in. Already knowing the name of your bloom will also be a tremendous help. If time allows, the folks there can help you identify your bloom, but PLEASE, it is very busy and kaotic, if you can know the name before you come to the mall, things will go much smoother.

Of course, there are the obligatory rules:
I already mentioned that entries will be accepted from 7:00am until 9:30am. The Mall actually requires all blooms be placed by 9:30am.
Wiring of blooms to wood of parent plant is permissible and adviseable.
Only one bloom per stem is allowed.
Each bloom shall have one but not more than two leaves.
The Citadel Mall and the Coastal Carolina Camellia Society, its officers and members, are not under any circumstances responsible for the loss or damage to flowers or other property or for the injury to persons. Care will be exercised for the protection of all property used, but this shall not be interpreted as an assumption of liability.
Show Chairman or representative reserves the right to reject or discard flowers that are obviously inferior in quality.
All Camellias entered should be labeled with variety name.
All blooms exhibited must be from plants owned and in the possession of the exhibitor for at least 30 days.
Camellias grown under protection shall not compete with those grown in the open.
To prevent the spreading of disease, blooms become the property of the Coastal Carolina Camellia Society and will be disposed of immediately following the show.
Standard entry cards will be used.
To enter blooms in the Novice class a person must have never won a Blue Ribbon in any Camellia show.
Blooms must be classified as miniature, not miniature to small to compete in the Miniature Class.
And Finally, No bloom can compete in more than one class.

If you have ANY questions that have not been answered here, please feel free to contact me at or my good friend Tony Smith at
Okay, You may not have any pretty blooms that are open that day. There is always next year. I would still encourage you to come and pay a visit to the show and see what did win. Ask questions. Learn as much as you can about what won and why something didn't. If NOTHING else, come on out because there will also be Camellia Plants for SALE!!
Happy Growing!

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  1. I so wish I could grow Camellias and Gardenias. Darren, do you know of any Camellia that might make it in my zone 5B?