Saturday, January 6, 2018

I had my doubts, but......

     With all of this crappy winter weather here in the Southeast, snow, ice, cold temperatures that feel like they have been here forever, a LOT of people are starting to get cabin fever, Especially Gardeners! I will be upfront and honest, there are links associated with Amazon on my blog, and this article has many of them, only because I REALLY like this product.
     On a lark, about a month ago, I went ahead and hooked up something that a friend gave me sometime over the summer. I truly appreciated it, but never really had the time to get it hooked up, not that it took very long. I guess I really had my doubts that it would actually work.
Boy, was I wrong!
     I am talking about something that Miracle-Gro puts out, it is called the AeroGarden.
From their own website, it states: Enjoy big harvests in just weeks, you just drop in the seed pods, add water and nutrients, and watch it grow.
It sounded too good to be true, and you know that old saying about anything sounding too good?!
My friend actually gave me one of the AeroGarden Ultra (LED)and three of the smaller, Miracle-Gro Aerogarden Sprout Led - Black, one of which was not working properly, but I didn't care, I like fooling around with things to fix them.
     Well, I used the three little ones, more for the lights for my Citrus seeds. I sprouted the seeds then transferred them to the lights. Take a look at them now:

I know, I am not using this product like you are supposed to, and you can buy a setup or make one yourself for this purpose. That is not the point of this article.
     I am coming to you today to tell you about these things because of the way the AeroGarden Ultra is working out. Like I said, I put this thing together in a matter of maybe 5 minutes just a little over a month ago.
Look what I have NOW!!

Yes, folks, those are tomato plants!
It is a type of Cherry Tomato and, you can't really tell from the picture, they will be flowering in about another week!
It is really amazing how easy it is to set up, plant, and monitor. It tells you when you need to do everything, from when to add water to when you need to add nutrients. It comes with seed pods or you can use your own seeds of whatever you want to grow. Add water, nutrients, drop the pods into the holes, then follow the prompts on the screen. Seriously, that easy!
     I have always wondered about Aquaponics and wanted to toy around with it some, this makes it easy. I plan on getting a few more of these for next Winter so I can be gardening, truly all year round!!
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Happy Growing!

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