Tuesday, March 13, 2018

It has fooled many

     I come to you today with a slightly unusual article.
Back in late January, I received an e-mail, complimenting me on my blog and a question.
The subject was about reviewing a product that was very similar to what I blog about.
I was intrigued so I answered.
It was from http://www.museumtrees.com
     This company is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and they have come up with a range of artificial plants and trees which look incredibly realistic. I was very skeptical but went along with it, if nothing else to see what these things looked like. They offered me the chance to choose something, so I decided on something that I not only was familiar with but would look kind of cool on my desk at Terra Bella Garden Center where I work. I figured what better place to see how realistic they look than at a garden center.
     My desk is one of the first things that customers see when they come in, plus, I am right by the register, so the plant, a small pomegranate tree, will be obviously seen. I chose the pomegranate because I am not only known for citrus, but for growing many other kinds of fruit. It was the perfect test.
     So, after a little over a month, and many customers eyeballs upon it, I have YET to have somebody say anything about it being made of silk and plastic until after I show them. It even fooled a few of my fellow employees briefly. We are around plants all day, so we are a little tougher to trick when it comes to artificial plants.

This is the one on my desk.

This is a second one they sent me for at home.

They both stand a foot tall, including the pot. The pot is about 4" wide and reasonably heavy. It doesn't fall down at all, even if the door is open and a gust of wind comes through.
I remember silk and artificial flowers from my childhood, they always seemed "fake" looking to me. The colors were never really right, and they just looked cheap and not very realistic.
The advances that technology has made with the manufacturing of products is pretty amazing.
     So, if you have a brown thumb and even my advice has not helped, or you have a really tough spot in your home or landscape and just need something there, why not give my friends at Museum Trees a visit. They might just be able to help you fill that empty space.
Happy (Artificial Plant) Growing!