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  1. I’ve in my collection a leaf infestation symptom …many minute dot-like spots all over the older leaves of citrus plant, but the younger leaves do not show an scar or spots. Attached see the sample pics at you email. I found in Bangaldesh and Sri Lanka. May I know the name of infestation, causal agent or any environmental or physiological disorder associated with this type of symptom.

  2. Hi, I live in south east Java ,Indonesia . I own a few hectares of mandarin trees, I have been told by several growers in the area that they replace there trees every 6 years due to the tropical climate , they say the trees are always growing, that they don't get the cooler seasons here as in a milder region when the trees growth slows. I have friends in southern Queensland, Australia , that grow citrus ,I know some of there trees are 30+ years old and still bearing loads of fruit due to good maintenance , regular pruning and fertilizing . Are these local guys pulling my leg to get a $$ out of me for new trees or are they fare dinkum ?? . Any advice greatly appreciated . Lance Nicholls .