Monday, February 1, 2010


Here I am, The first day of February...thinking about a fuzzy little creature that better NOT see his shadow tomorrow! We have had enough cold and nasty weather for this Winter. My condolences to all the folks who live up north that may be reading this. I live in South Carolina......emphasize SOUTH!
The 12 nights of below freezing temps, the threat of snow and sleet, the seems like constant rain every other day, I have had enough Thank You very much!
Anyway, I trotted outside this morning to turn the heat off in the greenhouse for the day. We hit 27 again last night! And to stand my Avocado up. I have been laying it down and covering it with some sheets on very cold nights, in case you were wondering about that. It looks like the devil right now, but I believe it is still alive.
As I was walking back up the steps, to my right I noticed the Blueberry bushes.

Flower Buds!!? I was amazed that they were trying to flower now. I wonder if this is a good sign or a bad sign?
I looked around a little bit and then saw these:

My flowering Quince are doing just that!
Again, I thought is this a good sign or a bad sign?
Mother Nature taught me a very interesting lesson so far this Winter. She WILL take care of her own. She will also give us signs as to what may be coming our way. I told many people last Fall that we are going to have a bad Winter. There was an abundance of acorns falling from the oak tree and the holly bushes seemed to have more berries than usual. I even saw more woolly bear caterpillars than I think I had ever seen since living here. Coincidence? This has been a pretty nasty Winter and it's not over yet. I just hope that my Blueberries and Quince read the bulletin that Mother Nature sent out.
And as for that fuzzy little creature in Pennsylvania, If I hold an umbrella over him...will that count??!
Happy Growing!

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