Sunday, March 7, 2010

I Am Cramped and Hungry.....Feed Me!

Not too long after I started my blog and started telling people about it, there was a few people that said "Great, I can do what you do!" Which scared me a little at first. What may work for me, may not work for them. I have come to accept this feeling now. Gardening is as much an art as it is a science. Toss in a little luck and there it is.
I tell you this because I have done a lot in the yard today and many may think I am nuts. Well, call me Macadamia and lets move on.
Just as a FYI, remember, I am a Zone 8 almost a 9.
The Citrus came out of the greenhouse for the LAST TIME this season, until November. Unless we get a spell of 20 something weather again, then disregard that last statement. They got fed and watered real well. I used a combination of Slow Release and Blood Meal. Next week they are going to get Fish Emulsion. I didn't get around to repotting some of the more cramped ones. They should just be happy they are out of the cramped greenhouse for now. Maybe next weekend.
I did get around to repotting the Camellias that needed it. They also got fed a very high powered lunch. Holly Tone, Slow Release fertilizer, Ironite and some soil acidifier. I know, that sounds like WAY too much. This is their first feeding since probably August of last year. Some of them maybe even longer than that. There were a few that showed some Nitrogen deficiency, so there that is. They too got a good drink of water.
The Potatoes are now planted in their 30 gallon pots. I am hoping this year to do better. Last year they were in too much shade and did not produce well. They are in full sun this year baby! Theoretically, I should get about 25 pounds of taters from what I planted today.
I have my 15 gallon pots ready to go for my 20 or so types of Tomatoes and 18 types of Peppers that are started and eager for Spring. The pots are all nicely spaced in their permanent positions, full of soil and most have the Tomato cages in place. I need to pick up a few more.
I am SO ready for Spring! Now I just have to get everything else done, pruning, raking and disposing of all the dead pots. I think I had some pretty heavy casualties this Winter. I will discuss them in a later post as I calculate the losses.
UPDATE: Two weeks ago I planted my onions. They are now about an inch high and looking great! The Asparagus still has no signs of life.
It was beautiful day in South Carolina, I hope you all had a nice day too. Spring is not far off folks, Get those Greenthumbs warmed up!!
If there is anything that you have questions about, feel free to e-mail me. There maybe others with the same question and it might make a good topic for a post!
Happy Growing!

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  1. So true!
    My citrus has actually weathered the temps better than my other tropicals. The Meyers Lemon, Ponderosa Lemon and Navel Orange are in full bloom, producing babies on a daily basis! My mango went unharmed also. I covered my fig so it's fine too, with the first fig of the season on the branch. The bananas took a hit, and the coconuts aren't too happy, although they'll be fine. Nice to see the warmer weather slowly creeping our way again, isn't it?!