Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bringing them back in

Well, the weather is fixing to change yet again! We have had some great weather the past 10 days or so, Broke 70 a couple of times and never saw lower than 37 for lows. I am looking at the temperatures for the next few days and tonight is suppose to drop to 31. Which normally wouldn't be a problem, but if you read "Playing with Fire" entry, you know for me it will be a problem. I am also looking at a 30 Saturday and a 28 Sunday night.
So, with all that being said, I pulled all the citrus back into the greenhouse after work today. I was looking them over and toyed with the idea of "They should be okay tonight, it's only going to be 31" Then, I started noticing all the nice new growth and flower buds on a few different cultivars. I also know how "accurate" the weather folks are with their educated guesses. Just a degree or two lower and the trees could be in some trouble, especially the flower buds. So in they came.
One other note, we received another 2.25 inches of rain Sunday night, Monday morning. This on top of the couple inches of rain we received middle of last week. I bet you can't guess how much a 30 gallon pot, with a 6 foot Key Lime in it weighs when it is completely water logged? Me neither, I am waiting for the report from my back in the morning.
Happy Growing!

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