Thursday, January 28, 2010

Name Dropper

I thought I would drop a few names of some of the more interesting Citrus I have either grown or are now growing.
There are many, many varieties of Citrus. Books upon books have been written about the cross breeding of the different varieties, both of natural crosses and man made. This list is not by any standard an all inclusive list, but makes an attempt to list some varieties that are worth searching out and trying to grow.
Taste is highly subjective. If you prefer very sweet fruit, you may be disappointed with many of these. If you don’t mind a little sour occasionally, these will tickle you to the highest level. So let’s get started.

KUMQUATS: Don’t forget to eat the peel and all!
Meiwa….one of the better ones for eating fresh
Nagami…most often the ones found in grocery stores
Chang Shou

Kimbrough Satsuma
Owari Satsuma
Early St. Anne Satsuma
Keraji Mandarin
Juanita Tangerine

Ambersweet Orange
Hamlin Orange
Parson Brown Orange

Duncan Grapefruit
Marsh Grapefruit
Pink Marsh Grapefruit
Ruby Red Grapefruit

Meyer Lemon…not a true lemon, a cross between a Lemon and a Sweet Orange
Ujukitsu Lemon
Eustis Limequat
Trifoliate Orange…ornamental, nice smelling flowers, fruit uses…hybridization and target practice!
Like I said, this is nowhere NEAR a complete list!! Many of these are pretty easy to find, some are a little more difficult. Do some Google searches or you can ask me where there are some good seed sources. Don't forget, if you like a fruit that you get at the grocery store, plant may someday have a source of LOTS of fruit.
Happy Growing!


  1. I have some questions about making a cross of 2 citrus fruits (Citrus A and Citrus B). If I take the pollen from Citrus A and put it in Citrus B will I get a new kind of Citrus fruit. as an example a Citrus C fruit that will be growing on the Citrus B plant?

    Or If I mix the pollen of Citrus A onto Citrus B will I get a Citrus B fruit that contains Citrus C type seeds that I will then have to plant and wait 5-10 years to get a fruiting Citrus tree and find out if I did in fact get a Citrus C.

    1. You will get seeds that will take 5-10 years to fruit. Even then, there is a chance that it will not cross OR you may get a seed that is both identical to the mother plant and a cross. Occasionally you will get two plants from one seed.

    2. Thank you so much for your help Darren :)