Sunday, January 31, 2010

Now isn't THAT odd?

Not all Citrus are the tasty Oranges or Grapefruits, or even the sour Lemon and Limes. There are some out there that, yes, they are eaten in a way, (more on that later) They are just plain weird!
Meet Citrus medica 'Buddha's Hand'

This is one of mine that was still maturing and nowhere near ripe at time of this photograph. Sadly, I don't have any pictures of it being ripe, something happened to it and it fell off and rotted. I think an animal came trough the yard and either rubbed against it or the wind blew it against another tree and damaged it. Either way I enjoyed it while I had it.
I mentioned that it can be eaten. For any of you that have ever eaten Fruitcake. This is the same family that the little colored pieces of fruit come from. Candied Citrus peel. The Buddha's hand and most of the other Citrus medica are almost all peel and pith, little to no pulp. They make great candidates for just candied peel. There are plenty of recipes on the web to try it.
I have a variegated form of this also, it has yet to produce any fruit. I am hopeful that this is the year.
This is one that can easily be grown in a container. For all that information check out my posting on container grown Citrus.
Don't have any idea where to get one? No problem! Check these fine folks out at:
They even have a picture of a ripe one on the page. I have used these folks before and the plants have always been very healthy!
Happy Growing!

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