Monday, February 15, 2010

A Lecturing I will Go

For all of those that are within a reasonable distance from Charleston. I will be lecturing out at Magnolia Gardens this coming Saturday, February 20th at 1pm.
This will be open to the public and I would love all that can to attend.
The topic will be Growing Citrus in the Southeast.
What would be better than going out your back door or front door as the case may be and picking a fresh Grapefruit for breakfast or a Lemon for that Tea you are about to have?
I will be discussing, Citrus Identification, Citrus Selections, Growing Citrus in Containers and in the Ground. Water, Fertilizer, Cold Hardiness and other things vital to growing Citrus in the Southeast will be on the agenda also. My Powerpoint demonstration will be wealth of information for you if you are at all interested in growing these worthwhile plants.
Bring your Citrus questions and problems, I will answer any and all of them.
I look forward to seeing you on February 20th at 1pm, Magnolia Gardens. After the lecture stroll around the gardens and look at all the beautiful Camellia japonicas which are in bloom right now.
Happy Growing!

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