Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Will Spring ever get here?

From the beginning, I've wanted my Blog to be Educational, Inspirational, and Fun. I hope I am obtaining this goal!
There are times as of late however, I don't think Spring will EVER get here!! The first two weeks of January were wicked cold, 12 nights of below freezing, WAY below sometimes.
Then this past weekend we had SNOW in Charleston!! I received about 2 inches or so, I have heard reports of 4 or more in places. If it is not the cold it is the rain, we have had literally 12 inches of rain since January 15th! My yard literally looks like a bog. I have water standing 4 inches deep in places.I am sick and tired of Winter now, Thank You very much!
Well, I decided to make myself feel a little better about it. This past Friday, the day it started snowing by coincidence and I didn't plan it that way, I planted some of my veggie and herb seeds inside. The average rule of thumb is to start them inside 6 weeks prior to planting outdoors. The dates vary according to which website you look at, some say the beginning of March some say the end of March and all points in between. Either way, the window is open.
This is my setup:

I planted 20 types of Tomatoes, 19 types of Peppers and two plantings each of 5 different Herbs. The last picture isn't real clear, but that is the Basil, Thyme and Oregano popping up already. I was surprised they germinated in only 2.5 days. I first noticed them Monday morning, and I planted them late Friday afternoon. Boy am I going to have a lot of Basil! I am more resolved to save, freeze and can up as much food as possible this year.
Now is the time to be planting your seeds indoors. You don't need an elaborate setup like I have. Just a small pot, some potting soil and a little room in a window.
Keep the seeds moist, warm and humid. The best website I have seen for starting seeds indoors is:

Spring and Summer will be here soon I HOPE, I am ready for my yard to look like this again:

Happy Growing!


  1. Darren - great start on the seeds - my Ohio timetable is still far off - late March (at the earliest) for that 6 wk window. What are you growing in the 2 liter soda bottles. I noticed you have grow lite on them. Just curious. Claudia http://gardeningnaturallywithclaudia.blogspot.com

  2. Hey Claudia, The two liter bottles have all my Camellia Cuttings in them. Check out my blog in February titled "Messin with Mother Nature"